January 17, 2020

#91 Design Changes from Prototype to Manufacturing

This is a call from a while back.
Yesterday we went to the Scottish Highland Games in San Diego. There was a very intriguing event. Sheep dog after sheep dog was graded on how well they could guide sheep through various obstacles on a specific course.
The dogs had to respond to unpredictable turns the sheep would make. Uphill, downhill. Turn to the left. Wait. Corral the stragglers. Get all the players going the same way. And they had to handle a slow down when the sheep wanted to graze.
It reminded me of what it can feel like to create a product or business.  Lots of twists and turns with unpredictable things to respond to.
What amazed me was how well the dogs and handlers could see what was starting to happen in such early moments. It was almost as if they were predicting it.  
The actual truth was simply that they knew the most likely patterns. They understood the behaviors and roles. 
Moving from a prototype into actual production can feel a lot like herding sheep. The people and businesses that are most successful are the ones that can navigate the process.
So today's the day we talk about "Design for Manufacturing". (Some people abbreviate and just say DfM.) 
Anyone who is making a product, or trying to license a product, needs to understand what the heck DfM is. 
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