January 7, 2020

#86 Product Goals That Work Part 2


On Friday I walked a business colleague through a short version of the two processes you are seeing. He was blown away by the insights that came out for his business this year. And we only did the exercise for 15 minutes to demonstrate it! 
When you really take on what I'm going to show you, it is transformational. Eye-opening. Surprising. For you and your business. 
And did I mention it's FUN?! Yes, fun.. 
(No boring spreadsheets involved. No tedious analysis.)
What we are going to do with you uncovers strengths, desires and what satisfaction with your business will really look like.  Then the process turns them into effective actions you can take. But.....
You've got to show up and do the work.
This process expands clients' multi-million dollar businesses. If it can do it for them, it can do it for you. Wherever you are with your business.  
In today's Part 2 about Product Goals we're about dreaming bigger. Then we're moving the dream to grounded reality and actual things you can handle. 


If you are interested in the handouts or have questions about what we can do for you., email Jeff@ProductsToProfits.com
or, visit us at www.productstoprofits.com

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